Our Mission

Salaam-un-Alaikum, Brothers and Sisters,

By the grace of almighty Allah, and the 14 Ma’soomeen (Infallibles), we have organized this site to provide and update you with information regarding our activities conducted here at MASOM (Midwest Association of Shia Organized Muslims) located in Chicago, IL.


Some of our goals are:

To organize and promote religious and Educational activities pursuant to Shia faith of Islam as preached by Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.W) and Aale-Mohammed (A.S.).

To provide religious services and education, social ceremonies, such as majalis, jashns, marriages and funerals and to promote Shia Islamic fundamentals and codes.

To promote and enhance mutual understanding, cooperation and unity among the Shia Muslims here and throughout the world.

To facilitate the observation of Islamic and religious occasions such as daily congregation prayers, Friday prayers, Eid reunions, Majalis, religious processions, jashans, deliberations, and other special services.

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